Tribute pool

tribute pool

19 Nov See also: The Pool of Tribute (Extreme). Lore. “Your efforts to wreak havoc on the Isle of Zekki and draw the Red Kojin away from their imperial. XIV The Pool of Tribute is a Trial from Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, taking place in the domain of the Kojin of the Red, where the Warriors of Light confront the. The Eorzea Database The Pool of Tribute (Extreme) page.


Stark's The Pool of Tribute (Susano) Survival Guide // Final Fantasy XIV

Tribute pool -

Susano's Kunai Item Lv. These bugs were patched a few days after 4. Faded Copy of Revelation. In the first phase, Susano will repeatedly cast Assail, damaging his primary target, while using his Yata no Kagami combo. tribute pool

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