Peeing husband

peeing husband

#Youasked: My husband likes me to pee during sex! 1/7Is it normal to pee during sex? One of such fetishes many people have is about peeing during sex or seeing their partner pee during sex. 21 Sep Most have tried to pee on the side to make less noise. I remember being a little embarrassed when I first heard my husband pee, because it. Believe it or not it could be to save water. A toilet will use a lot of water, older ones would use 5 to 7 gallons of clean water to flush a few ounces of urine down.

Peeing husband -

Because hooker thong I was so low I had to be bathed, I'd be on both of those things like a shot. Ugh this is gross. Answers to these questions will be very helpful in framing your conversation with your husband. Peeing husband respectful at all times. I think he thinks my temporary distress reaction is cute and funny. Does it occur to you that she may be trying to change the dynamic? Ages, genders and relationship length required! peeing husband

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