English slapping

english slapping

Definition of slap - hit or strike with the palm of the hand or a flat object, put or apply (something) somewhere quickly, carelessly, or forcefully. Heart hammering in her throat, she sped down the long drive, her white sheet making eerie slapping sounds in the playful quiltersthreads.co.uk, Christine Marion. 27 Dec Feifei is worried – Rob went for an interview and got a slap in the face. Is he OK? Luckily it's just another English expression he's using and the.

English slapping -

It's not actually a physical slap in the face then? Feifei So did you get the promotion? Rob and Feifei use a phrase to describe an unpredictable colleague. We have just the phrase you need! slap definition: 1. a quick hit with the flat part of the hand or other flat object: 2. an action that insults or upsets someone: 3. the action of hitting someone in a. Slap definition, a sharp blow or smack, especially with the open hand or with something ; Middle English slop < Middle Dutch or Middle Low German;. Übersetzung für slapping im Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch quiltersthreads.co.uk english slapping

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