Condom bbc

condom bbc

24 Aug Ghana AIDS Commission dey worry say people no dey too like to use condom. 17 Oct Many women in the developing world die because the equipment needed to stop bleeding during childbirth isn't always available. But to. 10 Oct Fingerprint technology which can detect the brand of hair gel used by a suspect or whether they have handled a condom could soon be. condom bbc 14 Dec A new campaign's being launched by Public Health England to get more under- 25s to use condoms to prevent sexually transmitted infections. 4 Aug An Indian company has launched something which seems almost mad in its lack of appeal - a pickle flavoured condom. The latest offering by. Condoms. If you're ready to have sex, it's important to use safe, effective contraception. Here's everything you need to know about condoms, from putting one on.

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