Camara sucks

camara sucks

9 Dec There has been a lot of hype in the tech press these days about how smartphone cameras are turning your $5, Nikon into a paper weight. You can buy another phone or camera. I recommend Samsung recent note series or galaxy series. Apple's camera's have lower resolution and lack high quality. 21 Dec Smartphone cameras are great, or at least close enough to great that the best image quality has a sensor size between 1/ and 1/3 inches.


MY CAMERA SUCKS The apple iOS allows cameras to zoom in when it physically cannot. It zooms in pretty darn well. Iphone zooming generally worked well in past. 24 Jan I just love my 5T, it's a beast but the camera has disappointed me alot. Image looks like a painting. Even my OP3 camera was better than this. I have this phone for over 6 months and the ff camera makes every person look like an alien with make up. Samsung has really messed up with. camara sucks

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